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When Security Breaches Hit Close to Home: Ransomware

In the small town of Greenland, New Hampshire on the day after Christmas 2013, a town employee opened an email indicating that they had received a voice message from AT&T…and infected the computers at the Town Hall with malicious software known as CryptoLocker.

Incident Response Communications: Report Card

Take out your pencils, everyone, and take this pop quiz: Select the answer that does not complete the phrase “_______ means never having to say you’re sorry”: Love (as in the most famous line from the movie Love Story) Management (as exemplified by a line from the movie Office Space:  “I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people; can’t you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?” Public office (as evidenced by incidents involving politicians that are too numerous mention) Experiencing a security breach (as in Kevin Mandia’s keynote at RSA Conference 2014, in which he said that cybercrime is “the only crime I can think of where you have to apologize for being a victim”) If you answered “4” – I’m sorry (see what I did there?). To be fair, if your organization has followed the letter and spirit of compliance requirements … if your organization has made deliberate decisions about what security-related risks to accept, assign, and mitigate … if your organization would not be embarrassed by questions about whether or not it had exercised a standard of due care in protecting the information of its customers, after a breach occurs … then I agree with Kevin Mandia. We all understand the fundamental asymmetry of security: the defenders need to be successful one hundred percent of the time, while the attackers need to be successful only once. Sadly, it seems that most of the time organizations experiencing security breaches have not done all the right things. My blogs on incidents involving LinkedIn and eHarmony, Yahoo!, Evernote, Onity, Barnes & Noble, South...
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