Every business desires highly trained employees. For many companies, employee training and development is left solely to managers, personality assessments, and workforce analytics. However, there is another source of training that is often overlooked — customers.

Understanding which employees have the greatest positive impact on customer satisfaction will allow your business to develop those skills and traits across your entire workforce. Best-in-Class organizations are 201% more likely than All Others to use customer feedback in decisions related to the development and retention of their employees (71% vs. 23%), according to the report “The Age of Transparency” by Aberdeen.

To help your business reach the same level of performance as best-in-class organizations, it’s vital that you utilize a voice of the customer (VoC) program to identify which clients provide positive or negative feedback and then to connect that feedback to individual employees. A VoC program will allow you to uncover which employees create happy customers vs. those that frustrate buyers. There are four key performance indicators (KPIs) that your business should consider when it comes to client satisfaction. By identifying and measuring these KPIs, your business can then identify high-performing employees and implement a training program.

  1. Average Sales Cycle

The average sales cycle is the length of time elapsed between identifying a sales-qualified opportunity to closing a sale. Employees who continually shrink their average sales cycle or consistently have short cycles best demonstrate the traits your business desires. Those traits can then be shared with other employees during training. According to a recent Employee Engagement report by Aberdeen, companies who used the average sales cycle KPI in training achieved far greater results in improving (shrinking) their sales cycle year-over-year, compared to All Others.

  1. First Contact Resolution and Client Win-Back Rates

First contact resolution and client win-back rates are two KPIs used widely by customer care executives to gauge their company’s success in attending to buyer needs. Identifying which employees are most successful in creating and maintaining customer satisfaction is key to creating a worthwhile training program. Businesses with a keen eye on employee engagement outperform All Others across these metrics.

  1. Client Satisfaction and Sales

Happy customers are more likely to spend more money with your business, and happy employees are more likely to satisfy customers. When it comes to training, it’s important to foster environments where your employees are motivated to give your clients the best experience possible. Companies that utilize employee engagement programs achieve 26% greater year-over-year increase in annual company revenue compared to All Others (15.5% vs. 12.3%).

  1. Referral Business Through Word-Of-Mouth

By measuring your referral business as a training KPI, you can measure which employees helped your company avoid additional spend to acquire a net-new customer. Employees who succeed in this area create shareholder value through continuously improving the financial health of your organization.

Building a competency profile of your high-performing employees based on the above KPIs is a great place to start when it comes to training. Your business can then use analytical tools, such as business intelligence, to identify the common traits of all your high-performing employees and train other team members to illustrate these traits. Your hiring managers can also look for similar traits when hiring new employees.

It’s also important that your organization not only share feedback on positive customer interactions with your employees and their direct managers, but also with your entire organization. Doing so not only benefits the employee being recognized, but all other employees, as well. Most people learn what is expected of them by observing those around them. Being able to see all the different ways in which their peers achieve quality interactions with customers is an invaluable tool for employees and organizations looking to improve their training and interactions.


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