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Looking for a Talent Acquisition Provider? Ask These 5 Questions

There is a way to cut through the noise and find the right talent acquisition technology for your company. There are five key differentiators that set the most valuable providers apart from the rest of the pack: delivery models, social capabilities, mobility, ease of use, and product roadmap.

Why You Should Send Your Employees to Training More Often

All of your employees are going to need additional training at some point; in fact, research shows that 40% of organizations’ new college hires alone will need additional coaching and training to be effective members of the workforce and contribute to the company.

Gamification in B2B Sales: Is it Time? Part I

Termed “gamification” by a limited number of sales effectiveness solution providers, the formal deployment of technology solutions to support game mechanics is beginning to gain traction in the business-to-business (B2B) sales arena.

Talent Analytics: Why it Matters to You (or Should)

The future of the HR professional hinges on the ability to understand, interpret, and embrace data, which means an understanding into the “what” and “how” of talent analytics is essential. Here is our quick and dirty overview on talent analytics.

The Workforce Planning Crash Course

Does your workforce planning practice need help, but you don’t know where to start? Then grab a seat, because school’s in session! Here’s our crash course on creating a workforce planning process.

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