To help your company make well-informed and confident hiring decisions, background screening is necessary. And companies understand this, which is why 75% of organizations today incorporate background screenings into their talent acquisition process, according to Aberdeen’s Transform Background Screening by Putting Candidates First. However, a quick and simple review of your candidate’s social media is not enough. If you want to fully understand a person’s history — both personally and professionally — you need to do more than perform a general web search.

When used appropriately, background screening should give your HR team a 360-degree perspective of your candidate. A detailed background screening is not only beneficial to the candidate and your HR department; it’s beneficial for your company’s bottom line and your employee’s satisfaction.

Shaky Backgrounds & Questionable Histories

When it comes to hiring and interviewing new employees, it’s not always easy to verify that the skills and history that exist on their resume exist in real life. Without an involved background check, you could end up hiring employees who have either lied about or overinflated their experience, which can be critically detrimental. Particularly since 79% of companies indicate that there’s a drought of critical skills in the labor pool. So, if you hire a candidate who you thought had the critical skills you needed but didn’t complete an employer background screening to confirm, your company could end up with yet another employee lacking the skills you need to succeed.

Employee Behaviors

What shows up on your candidate’s application and resume isn’t the only piece of the puzzle. It’s just as important to know whom they are when they’re not putting on their best behavior. Your background screening must include reference checking. Only 45% of Best-in-Class companies use online reference checks to better understand who their candidates are beyond what they present in interviews, in applications, and on resumes. Through reference checking, you can hear from actual coworkers and supervisors about how the individual behaves during everyday work. Does the candidate complete his/her work on time? Have they ever had an HR complaint filed against them? Can they perform the duties as described within their resume? Feedback from individuals who have worked with the candidate can be your best indicator of the eventual behaviors the employee will present after hiring.

Employee Retention

There’s a monumental amount of effort that goes into the hiring process. Your HR department can put in hundreds of man-hours into finding, interviewing, and bringing on new employees. If you do not perform a complete background check, you can end up hiring the wrong individual solely due to a lack of information. What this ends up meaning is that all that time and effort is wasted and must be done over again. It can cost up to five times an employee’s annual salary to replace a bad hire, according to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). Instead, of repeating the process, using a detailed background check can make sure you get the right employee the first time, saving you money and time.

Hiring Manager Satisfaction

Background screening is also valuable to help retain your existing employees by increasing their satisfaction. Hiring managers in companies that are happy with their background screening providers are almost three times more likely (29% vs. 10%) to be satisfied with their new hires on a year-over-year basis. By increasing your hiring manager satisfaction through background screening, you’re setting your company up for a more engaging place to work. And satisfied and engaged employees are more productive and more likely to stick around.

For more information about implementing a detailed background screening process in your company, read Aberdeen’s Transform Background Screening by Putting Candidates First.

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