We’ve already discussed how one of HR’s top priorities this year should be employee retention, so it should come as no surprise that organizations are trying to figure out how to keep their workforce – particularly the highest performing employees within it – engaged and happy. Here are some of our tips:

Understand Their Motivations

If you want to keep you’re a team happy, you need to know what makes them get up and go in the mornings. You might be surprised to hear this, but for most employees – particularly top performers – intrinsic motivations such as value derived from their work outweigh external motivators like pay and extra vacation days. Demonstrating and communicating how their work is contributing to the organization’s success will motivate employees to excel.

Involve Them in Processes

Similar to understanding how your best employees are motivated by their work, keeping them in the loop with clear, consistent communication will demonstrate how you value them, and will in turn make them happy – and more eager to perform at their best.

Be Flexible

Sometimes, in order to keep your best employees happy and engaged, a little give and take is required. Opening up the option to work remotely occasionally, or to be less rigid with their definition of working hours, can show that you understand their needs and want to help accommodate them. As long as employees are being productive and not harming other members of the workforce, let them do their own thing.

Be Forthcoming with Feedback

Employees want to know how they’re doing. They want to know what they’re doing well, and what they should work on. Be consistent and forthcoming with all types of feedback. It will demonstrate your commitment to helping them further their professional development as well as the value you place on them.

See a trend here? Your best employees want to be a valuable, influential part of your organization, and the best way to keep them happy and engaged is to demonstrate your appreciation of their work and desire to develop professionally. Cultivate that, and you’re well on your way to retaining your best employees.

There are several ways to promote employee engagement and happiness; to see how technology can play a role in this goal, read, “Can You Drive Employee Experience and Engagement Through Self-Service?

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