While there are many excellent resources available today to enhance recruitment, the time, effort, and training that are required to implement and maintain such tools can be taxing. What if all of those processes were still in place, but they were handled by experts? That’s where recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) truly adds value for any company.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers have the best practices, strategies, and knowledge already in place to make recruiting more efficient and effective than ever before. They’re set up to enable greater success for your recruiting efforts, your HR department, and your business as a whole.

RPO providers pride themselves on their ability to utilize the hot technologies that are available today. We’re not talking about just applicant tracking systems (ATSs) and job boards either — although it’s certainly worth noting that ATSs and job boards still have their place. In fact, 67% of companies still use ATSs, and 71% of companies still use job boards to aid with talent acquisition. It’s way more than that, though; in fact, some of these tools can be equally valuable and confounding. Whether it’s talent communities, employer branding strategies, recruitment marketing, career portals, candidate relationship management (CRM) tools, video, mobile, or social, these technologies can be a hindrance to users when implemented incorrectly.

That’s why HR departments and businesses looking to stay on the cutting edge of talent acquisition can benefit greatly from partnering with an RPO provider. As mentioned, such companies no longer feel like they need to handle the burden of finding, learning, and adapting to new technologies. Instead, they can prioritize relationship building with hiring managers. For instance, per Aberdeen’s Talent Acquisition Takes a Village and It All Starts with Collaboration (November 2015), Best-in-Class companies are 57% more likely than All Others (33% vs. 21%) to enable members of HR to collaborate with hiring managers on candidates, so they can make better hiring decisions. In addition, they can work on better understanding the needs of other departments to better service them for current open requisitions and future ones too, and they can stay connected with other parts of HR in the process.

That’s why top companies grasp the value of using RPO to further support recruiting. They understand that it can be expensive to constantly update their recruiting strategies to cater to the candidates of today. It’s not just about cost, though, it’s about effectiveness; and RPO providers are known to be supremely effective at what they do. Case in point, Best-in-Class companies are 61% more likely than All Others (50% vs. 31%) to rate outsourcing recruitment as effective. By effective, such companies indicate that:

1. Their hiring is more efficient and cost effective
2. They have a higher quality of hire (based on first-year performance, namely)
3. Their hiring managers are more satisfied with their new employees

In doing so, HR and their respective companies can cut costs. Per item one for instance, organizations that invest in an RPO provider are able to improve (reduce) hiring costs on a year-over-year basis by 38% compared with organizations that don’t outsource recruiting (3.3% vs. 2.4%).

To learn more, read the full report: Optimize Recruitment Process Outsourcing Today. 

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