We’ve discussed how imperative employee engagement is to an organization’s bottom line, as well as some tips for how to engage employees from the very first impression — the interview. Well, recent Aberdeen research suggests that employees feel engaged, and committed, to their employers when they realize that their work matters. One of the top three reasons that employees stay with their employers is that they perceive their work to be valuable to the growth of the company.

Employees want to feel as though their efforts contribute to the bigger picture. So why not show them what that looks like? Mychelle Mollot of Klipfolio shared her thoughts with HCM Essentials on the influence of company transparency software on employee engagement.

Q: What is the overall value of increased company transparency? 

A: Simply put, increased company transparency enables employees to know what is happening and why, and how what they do impacts the company’s success. This makes everyone feel like part of the success, or failure, of the company, and levels the understanding between senior and more junior employees.

Q: How do employees at all levels use this technology, and what problems does it solve?

In many organizations, employees have dashboards on their desktops and mobile devices that show them their performance metrics, and the performance metrics of the business. Departmental managers can track the progress of their group.

Companies may also have dashboards on wall-mounted TVs, giving all employees at-a-glance visibility into how the entire company is performing.

Q: Do you think employees perceive their work as more valuable when they have visibility into their organization’s performance?

A: Most definitely. When you see what is going on in the company in real time, and how your work is connected to business growth, it’s easier to feel connected to the company, and to feel like a valued contributor.

Q: On the tech side, what are some ways that performance dashboards such as Klipfolio’s can be used to streamline workforce management systems?

A: Dashboards like Klipfolio can provide an at-a-glance view of key workforce management system data like employee status, project status, travel spend, utilization etc.

Q: What are some ways that custom cloud-based dashboards can make workflow more efficient between departments?
A: They can track and display intra-departmental workflow metrics like budget approval times, and service level agreements (SLAs). On a dashboard, annotations can also be utilized to enhance interdepartmental communication and workflow.


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