According to Voice of the Customer research, Best-in-Class organizations are 59% more likely to have a formal strategy to encourage loyal customers to be advocates of their brands. On CMO Essentials, our readers, particularly those in marketing, are our customers, and undeniably, our readers are our best advocates (thank you all, by the way). But advocacy should be a two-way street, and we want to be advocates for marketers as well. That’s why below, we’re taking a break from our typical marketing research, and instead, highlighting quick tips, one-line tricks, and single sentence takeaways from 42 active and insightful marketers who deserve a spotlight to share their own marketing best practices.

Everette Taylor

Everette Taylor, CMO, Stickermule:“First step to building out a content marketing plan: figure out what the hell your audience even wants to read.” Follow Everette on Twitter via: @Everette

Meagan Nordmann

Meagan Nordmann, Marketing Specialist, @Pay: “Think of digital marketing as that first handshake– every time you Like, Share, RT, or Follow a person or a brand, you are introducing yourself in an approachable way.” Follow Meagan on Twitter via: @MegNordmann

Adam Dailey

Adam Dailey, CEO / Co-Founder, FunLy Events: “Measure and execute fast…” Follow Adam on Twitter via: @KeepMovingFast

Melissa Eggleston

Melissa Eggleston, Content Strategist: “Make people feel smart, empowered and inspired by designing a great user experience on your website or app.” Follow Melissa on Twitter via: @Melissa_Egg

Keith Casey

Keith Casey, Director of Product, Clarify:“Don’t avoid controversy…” Follow Keith on Twitter via: @Caseysoftware

Sherry Chao

Sherry Chao, Marketing Director, Iterable: “Acquire the hard skills, whether it’s HTML, SEO, Javascript –anything, really — that can help you become less reliant on your engineers, and you’ll be able to accomplish so much more.” Follow Sherry on Twitter via: @SherryChao

Rett Kearbey

Rett Kearbey, CMO, Telora: “Invest in customer experience and amplify the positive feedback.” Follow Rett on Twitter via: @RettKearbey

Nicole Royer

Nicole L. Royer, Start-Up Coach: “Your company should always have its own point of view on industry topics.” Follow Nicole on Twitter via: @StartUpwNicole

Barry Maher

Barry Maher, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant: “Simply do the best possible job you can for the each and every client you already have and then gather referrals, recommendations and testimonial quotes.” Follow Barry on Twitter via: @BarryMaher

Lori Cheek

Lori Cheek, Founder / CEO, Cheekd: “Don’t just think outside the box; think guerrilla!” Follow Lori on Twitter via: @LoriCheekNYC

Kunle Olomofo

Kunle Olomofe, CMO, Y2K Publishing: “Build every marketing strategy in your marketing mix with long term (and never merely quick fix) goals in mind.” Follow Kunle on Twitter via: @KunleOlomofe

Christina Nicholson

Christina Nicholson, Media Relations Specialist, Insider Media Management: “Share, don’t sell.” Follow Christina on Twitter via: @_MascaraMaven_

Brandon Seymour

Brandon Seymour, SEO Director, Body Logic MD: “Your goal should be to create content that’s so good, your competition feels compelled to share it.” Follow Brandon on Twitter via: @Beymour

Joanne Brown

Joanne I. Brown, Marketing Communications Manager, Applied Robotics: “Tell true stories honestly, simply, and with empathy for the real issues and problems your customers have.” Connect with Joanne on Linkedin.

Erik Angra

Erik Angra, Cinematographer & Editor: “Always remember your demographic, and avoid creating marketing campaigns that sell to you, rather than your audience.” Follow Erik on Twitter via: @AngraFilm

Rachel Downey

Rachel Downey, President, Studio Graphique: “It’s not about you; it’s about them.” Follow Rachel on Twitter via: @PlaceSage

Nikolas Allen

Nikolas Allen, Author, Heavyweight Marketing: “Use the most relevant tools to send the most meaningful message to the most qualified audience.” Follow Nikolas on Twitter via: @Nikolas_Allen

Shaunna Morgan

Shaunna Morgan, Director of PR & Communications, TaxAct: “Focus on solving your customers’ problem(s) rather than selling them a product.” Follow Shaunna on Twitter via: @ShaunnaMorg

Franz Sauerstein

Franz Sauerstein, CEO, Xciting Webdesign: “Say ‘no’ more often. Turning down the wrong customers forces you to position yourself and helps you to attract the right customers.” Follow Franz on Twitter via: @franzsauerstein

Hilary Hamblin

Hilary Hamblin, Owner, Momentum Consulting: “Know where you are spending your marketing dollars and what’s working: track everything.” Follow Hillary on Twitter via: @Admomentum

Christopher Rither

Christopher Rither, Editor, OneMeanDream.com: “The first thing people see is what they think they will continue to get.” Follow Christopher on Twitter via: @ChisRither

Beth Bridges

Beth Bridges, Author, Networking on Purpose: “Always know what you want a marketing piece to do for the recipient.” Follow Beth on Twitter via: @BethBridges

Ian Fitzpatrick

Ian Fitzpatrick, Chief Strategy Officer, Almighty: “Focus every ounce of energy on being compelling, not consistent, to your most important customer.” Follow Ian on Twitter via: @ianfitzpatrick

Ashley Orndorff

Ashley M. Orndorff, Director of Marketing, ParadoxLabs: “People like dealing with people, not faceless brands, so make sure your marketing efforts connect on the human level.” Follow Ashley on Twitter via: @AshleyMOrndorff

Craig Wolfe

Craig Wolfe, President, CelebriDucks:Live by the penny, die by the penny… (There’s always someone who can make things cheaper than you!)” Connect with Craig on Linkedin.

Gabie Boko

Gabie Boko, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Sage North America: “The key to success is breaking rules and taking risks.” Follow Gabie on Twitter via: @GabieBoko

Shel Horowitz

Shel Horowitz, Author, Guerilla Marketing Goes Green: “Build relationships *before* you need them — so when you do, you have some karma points accumulated…” Follow Shel via: @ShelHorowitz

Erin Robbins Obrien

Erin Robbins O’Brien, COO, GinzaMetrics“If you can’t track it back to revenue, don’t do it.” Follow Erin on Twitter via: @TexasGirlErin

Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard, CMO, Vidyard: “Marketing is now both an art and a science, and those who do it best not only appreciate both aspects but they learn how to use them in unison.” Follow Tyler on Twitter via: @tylerlessard

Meredith Brandt

Meredith Brandt, Digital Marketing Analyst, Pure Visibility: “Don’t get comfortable with the way things are; the rules and players in the marketing world can change at anytime.” Follow Meredith on Twitter via: @meredithbrandt

Noah Fleming

Noah Fleming, President, Fleming Consulting & Co: “Focusing solely on customer acquisition is a wasteful, myopic, and arrogant business strategy.” Follow Noah on Twitter via: @NoahFleming

Attica Alexis Jaques

Attica Alexis Jaques, VP of Global Marketing, Gap: “Marketing innovation requires a little bravery and a lot of bad-ass.” Follow Attica on Twitter via: @AlexisinNY

Sheldon Perkins

Sheldon Perkins, Senior Account Executive, Vreeland: “Always think from your customer’s perspective.” Connect with Sheldon on Linkedin.

LaTanya White

LaTanya White, Analyst, Florida SBDC Network: “Build authentic relationships with your customers. Period.” Follow LaTanya on Twitter via: @latanyawhitebiz

Kamal Ahluwaila

Kamal Ahluwalia, CMO, Apttus: “In marketing, it’s far too easy to lose sight of the long game — pushing hard on deals and opportunities that can benefit their day-to-day goals and losing track of the partnerships, relationships, and networking that gives patient and strategic marketers a serious edge in the long run.” Connect with Kamal on Linkedin.

Kathleen Hanover

Kathleen Hanover, Copywriter & Public Relations Director, Imagine That Creative, Inc: “All truly persuasive marketing copy answers the question, ‘what’s in it for me?'” Follow Kathleen on Twitter via: @kathleenhanover

Charles E Gaudet II

Charles E Gaudet II, Founder, Predictable Profits: “To dominate your market, you must prolifically and systematically architect and implement a continuing flow of new profit centers into your business.” Follow Charles on Twitter via: @charlesgaudet

Lisa Marie Dias

Lisa Marie Dias, Principal, LisaMarie Dias Designs: “Content marketing is not a ‘one and done’ tactic – you must consistently create and share content of value with your community.” Follow LisaMarie on Twitter via: @LisaMarieDias

Howard Handler

Howard Handler, CMO, Major League Soccer: “Give the people what they want.Follow Howard on Twitter via: @H2NY

Dawn Edmiston

Dawn Edmiston, Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing, William & Mary: “If you can digitize it, you can monetize it.” Follow Dawn on Twitter via: @DawnEdmiston

Roy Barnes

Roy A Barnes, President, Blue Space Consulting: “It’s cheaper to keep a customer than find a new one.” Follow Roy on Twitter via: @RoyABarnes

Robin Saitz

Robin Saitz, CMO, Brainshark, Inc.: “Understand your buyer and/or buying team (what their motivations are, how they articulate their challenges, what the steps in their buying process are, how they prefer to interact with vendors, etc.), because only when you can answer these questions will you be able to construct messaging and campaigns that will be successful and contribute measurably to your company’s objectives.” Follow Robin on Twitter via: @robinsaitz

We hope you’ve learned a lot from this list of great marketers, but if you have more insights of your own to add, please feel free to share them in the comments below!


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