When you think about the bigwigs in senior management, what comes to mind?

Strategy. Visionary. Focus on the bottom line.

All of these can be true but added to that list is, somewhat oddly enough, field service. Sounds a bit crazy, right. Field service is often characterized as a bunch of men and women who go through their day turning wrenches and fixing equipment or failed assets. However, as the B2B world begins to more often resemble the B2C environment, these field service interactions are now having a greater impact on the customer experience, satisfaction, and ultimately profitability.

And I am not sure the last time you talked to a CEO or senior executive, but all three of these issues make it onto the C-level executives’ radar. As seen in Aberdeen’s CSO’s Field Service Agenda: Managing for the Customer report (July 2015), executives are looking to field service as a result of changing customer dynamics, competition, and reduced margins. Technicians speak with customers daily, and have the ability to drive a true partnership which can strengthen relationships, cement recurring revenue streams, and provide a wealth of intelligence to lead the future strategy of the business. So why wouldn’t senior management listen to the front line?

I don’t have a good reason, they should listen and care about field service. And to find out more about how the C-Suite views and works with the field service team, read my recent report HERE.

Aly Pinder Jr
Senior Research Analyst
Service Management
aly.pinder@aberdeen.com or @pinderjr

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