The Cubs won’t win the World Series in 2015. So did we get too excited about all the great things Back to the Future II got right? Or are predictions just bound to be wrong?

If you missed it, last week on October 21st we finally made it to the date referenced in that great gem of movie from our youth. I was a bit taken aback by all of the excitement around a movie from 1989. But after reading a number of articles, tweets, Facebook posts, and blogs I realized the excitement was a few parts nostalgia and few parts cool factor on the things the movie predicted correctly (i.e., 3D movies, flat screen TVs, drones).

Predicting the future is difficult though, as seen by all the things the movie incorrectly predicted (once again sorry Cubs fans) and more relevantly for you OEMs and service organizations by how hard it is to forecast the future service needs of customers. Knowing which customer will have an issue, which part on what piece of equipment will fail soon, or which technician should be sent to a customer are all challenges in not knowing the future. However, analytics and predictive technology has improved to the point where these problems can be solved. So if this is a struggle for your business or if you just want to benchmark your performance listen in as I deliver a brief webinar on:

  • How to better forecast your future service demand,
  • How to know what are the right service resources to solve future problems the first time,
  • How should you be measuring success
  • And more…

Join me at 2pm eastern Tuesday November 10th to learn how you can improve your predictive analytics to drive your service organization during this short webinar.

Aly Pinder Jr
Senior Research Analyst
Service Management
aly.pinder@aberdeen.com or @pinderjr

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