Earlier this month I posted a brief summary of my experience with Amica. Within that post, I shared that despite receiving a promotional mailer to get a quote, the company indicated that I wouldn’t qualify for one. The takeaway from the post was recommending organizations to establish a single view of the customer across different silos in the business in order to deliver consistent messages across different touch-points.

Three days (one business day) after posting the article, Amica’s social customer support team contacted me. The agent indicated that they came across the blog post and that the company greatly values delivering superior customer experiences. I was told that the information shared within the blog post would be shared with the relevant stakeholders in Amica, and leveraged to improve the company’s internal customer communications processes.

The follow-up by Amica was handled well. While the time it took to re-engage me can be considered rather long considering the rapid service expectations of most of us, the empowered customers, I was glad to hear back from the company. Even though I still wasn’t provided with a quote as indicated within the initial mailer, the conversation with the social support agent demonstrated that the company monitors mentions of its brand across social media channels and responds appropriately. Furthermore, I was delighted to see that the insights gathered through this conversation would be used in refining the communications processes of the business.

Read my Social Customer Care: Secrets to Build a Winning Strategy research to learn more about strategies that would help your business to replicate Amica’s activities in monitoring social media portals to proactively engage customers. Insights in the report will also help you identify best practices in responding to client needs in a timely manner to maximize satisfaction rates as well as drive positive social mentions.

Please also participate in my latest Multi-Channel Contact Center survey to share your experiences in using multiple channels to interact with your clients.

Omer Minkara

Senior Research Analyst

Contact Center & Customer Experience Management

Twitter: @omer_aberdeen

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