What makes a good leader? Is it sticking by your initiatives, even the ones that don’t work out? Is it making the best decisions based on the information available? Is it somewhere in between?

Good leaders in this era of the empowered customer are defined by their ability to ensure that their teams, services, and products can deliver value to the customer. But here’s the rub, customers have a wide variety of needs/demands that are evolving based on a range of factors. So, how can a leader adapt to this changing world and dynamically pull the right levers to get the team to excel?

I think the short answer is data. The volume of data – real-time data – at the fingertips of leadership is incredible. And this data tells a story of needs, gaps, and opportunities.

As seen in Aberdeen Group’s report, State of Service Management in 2016: Empower the Data-Driven CSO, two of the top goals for senior service leadership in 2016 include improving the quality and relevance of service data, and enhancing service information capabilities.

Top Goals for Service in 2016


As you can see, these goals trail behind the primary goals of customer satisfaction and profitability, but not by much. Service leaders are beginning to understand that the future of their business requires innovation and differentiation of the service offering. And in order to find that next great initiative, they need to know what is working, how can they improve, and what customers value – all of which calls for real-time data on the customer, the equipment, and the field team.

Getting access to this data, operationalizing it across the organization, and using it to deliver real, differentiating value to customers is no easy endeavor. To learn how some of the Best-in-Class service leaders navigate this changing landscape, please read my report on the State of Service Management.

Image Source (Creative Commons): Dave Conner.

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