How often do you look at your phone in a given day? How many apps do you flip through on the train ride into the office or while you consume your morning coffee? Mobility has rapidly seeped into our lives and often times we are oblivious to the level of comfort having our smartphone or tablet next to us makes us feel.

But similar to the importance of our mobile devices keeping us “sane” during the day, mobility is continuing to play a major role in the lives of field service workers. One of the top strategies addressed by the Best-in-Class in my recent Field Service 2014: Access to the Right Information Empowers a Results-Driven Workforce report (January 2014) was the investment in mobile tools to provide technicians with better access to information in the field.

Unlike our mobile devices, which are often used as a distraction from our work, mobile tools in the hands of technicians can dramatically improve their ability to be productive, and more importantly, resolve customer issues more quickly. Without needing to call back to the home office for instructions, search through antiquated manuals for work instructions, or sift through paperwork to close out a work order, mobile devices can help technicians actually do work!

Because this topic is so integral to the lives of a technician, I just launched an updated survey to capture some new data. Unlike previous surveys, this survey will not only look at adoption rates of mobility or the number of devices being used by a given technician; I also explore topics tied to the ROI of a mobile deployment, connected machines / the Internet of Things, mobile VPN, video collaboration, BYOD, and wearables.

If your organization has been struggling with any of these technologies or you are today achieving Best-in-Class results, please take a few moments to participate in this study. I look forward to your participation and providing you with some of the key trends over the coming months. The main report will publish at the end of July.

Aly Pinder Jr
Senior Research Analyst
Service Management Practice
aly.pinder@aberdeen.com or @pinderjr


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