The best way to determine whether a campaign is a success or a failure is whether the investment in it was recouped from new or existing customers.

Choosing the correct medium is key to running a successful marketing campaign. Some channels are proven successes and others are repeatedly shown to be dead ends. For instance, the days of the printed mail coupon are numbered, with an average peak redemption rate of less than 5%.

Now, compare that with an SMS on-demand coupon, in other words, a one-off promotion that involves texting a short code to a defined number. The average redemption rate lies between 30% and 50%; it peaks at a staggering 85%. That’s four times greater than the next most redeemed alternative.

It’s a no-brainer. SMS coupons attract a far greater engagement rate than any other format and seem to be the go-to option for running a marketing campaign. For more tips on SMS coupon campaigns, check out this infographic from Neon SMS.


Featured Image Source (Creative Commons): Joe the Goat Farmer.