The connected enterprise is a concept which has a number of different connotations. Smart machines, connected equipment, big data are all aspects that may come to mind when we think of a connected enterprise. But immediately, I think of an organization with no walls of communication across business functions. To me, a connected enterprise is an organization which not only communicates across disparate teams (i.e., service, contact center, engineering, sales) but is also integrated in strategy, thought, and technology for improvement and execution. Too often an organization is constrained from improvement due to silos of knowledge across the business.

In Aberdeen’s recent research on Integrated Service Management: Connecting the Contact Center with Field Service for Improved Resolution (February 2014), we highlight how top performing organizations have been able to break through the walls that have been placed in between the contact center and the field service team.

How can organizations truly service a customer if teams that interact directly with the customer from different points of view don’t share insight?

What is the value of customer data if it stagnates only being used by one team across an enterprise?

These are just a couple of the questions we explore in this current research report. This topic of Integrated Service Management is one that will seed a number of discussions here at Aberdeen. We look forward to exploring the subject throughout the year and provide you a path to excellence around service integration.

Aly Pinder Jr
Research Analyst
Service Management
aly.pinder@aberdeen.com or @Aberdeen_CSO

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