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Strategic Approaches to Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Stat of the Week: The Need for Speed in Business Information

Aberdeen research shows that almost two thirds of decision makers today say that they have less time to make critical decisions. Faced with this data urgency, companies today are looking to augment and expand their approach to analytics in order to capture more value from their data and deliver business results. From the Aberdeen report Rapid Insight with Results: Harnessing Analytics in the...

Data Analytics Goes to Harvard

Parasvil Patel and Shaan Gandhi are rising second-year business students and the co-presidents of the Business Analytics and Data Club, a student organization at Harvard Business School.

Relying on Internet Info Can Cost You

We all do it on a regular basis. You turn to Wikipedia or some other source of information on the Internet. New facts in hand, you proudly display your new-found knowledge. But can you really trust these “facts”?

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